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Pastor Robert L. Donnelly Radio Sermon Archive

Helping people find their way back to God

Love and the Cross meet to change History

I met Pastor Donnelly when he was on the pastoral team at Penticton’s Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle during the 1980s. (In his younger years, he ministered in several other provinces, beginning in Saskatchewan). He had a calm but powerful ministry. I asked him, one Sunday if he’d let me write his life-story. He hesitated, and then replied, “We’ll pray about it.” About two weeks later he quietly said, “It seems, the LORD wants us to do this.”  

A few days later, we began with weekly interviews in their home. I’d listen to him and his wife Daisy tell their story, and then go home and write. He verified the work as it progressed. What an honor! What a challenge! It was wonderful! This continued for several months until, suddenly, God intervened – demonstrating His loving sovereignty. On June 27, 1989, the very day of the last chapter of his biography. The LORD took him Home. I can’t describe my emotions!

He and Daisy had often exclaimed “It was the LORD!” while telling their experiences. Now it seemed obvious that this, too, was “of the LORD.”  

Pastor Donnelly's biography, entitled IT WAS THE LORD, was published not long after his decease. It was sold in many book stores across Canada.

Recently, more than two decades after his passing, while going through old files on my computer, I came across some transcripts of Pastor Donnelly’s long-ago radio-sermons. I was very surprised, as I had completely forgotten that I had them; besides which, we’ve had “computer-crashes” and many changes over the years. I think, perhaps “It was the LORD applies here, too. 

Now I have formatted his radio-sermons, and have made them freely available to anyone who wants them (they’ve also been sent to the PAOC Archives). As well as being short and to the point, they are VERY inspirational, and could be very useful in ministry. -SKM